beTobe, solidarities network

beTobe offers a matching system between volunteers and non-profit organisations to foster collaborations online.

The benevolent contributions are produced via Internet, so the physical presence of the benevolent is not required. Read more >>

Some exemples of online contributions: graphic design (posters, platelets…) and multimedia (music, sounds, videos…), counselling & advices (legal, financial, areas of expertise), web development, teaching aids and/or methods, translations, press reviewing, referencing, office automation, etc.

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Would you like to get involved on an action of solidarity to share your competences? Contribute, via Internet, to the actions of nonprofitable organisations, remotely and at any time.
Publish your volunteer's candidacy on beTobe! You will then be able to postulate directly at a mission you are interested in, or let beTobe do the job and you get automatically by email the missions which correspond to your offer of competences.


yang.gifBecome a beneficiary…


You represent a nonprofitable organisation, you have needs in competences for your missions and do not request the physical presence of the volunteers?
Register your organisation on the beTobe network!
Publish your missions and let beTobe do the job: you will receive the appropriate candidacies of the volunteers automatically by email… or search by yourself the competences required for your missions.



map_world.pngYou wish to engage with beTobe beneficiary organisations near you? Check the world map of the network…

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